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Introducing Gemini, our Zodiac Lip gloss! Our luxurious lip gloss is formulated with a lip-loving blend of Coconut oil, Castor oil and Vitamin E oil to grant you soft, kissable lips.

It glides on effortlessly and adds a beautiful shine to your lips. It has a subtle and refreshing green apple scent will make your lips look and feel amazing.

Gemini - Zodiac Lip gloss

  • Gemini, the versatile third sign, represents those born between May 21 and June 20. Curious and adaptable, they possess wit and a dual nature. Excellent communicators, Geminis thrive on social interactions and intellectual pursuits. They have a lively and inquisitive mind, exploring various interests and embracing change. Their versatility and ability to adapt make them engaging conversationalists and quick learners.

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